About The Fulfilled Connection

This just might surprise you.

It just might surprise you concerning what The Fulfilled Connection is all about. In fact we aren’t all about any one thing, except that we are about you. That’s right. We want to be about you and for you. The fact is that TFC is operated by one person but I desire that many others will begin their association with TFC. This one person has a heart for you and what you believe in. Coming to this position has been a long and difficult road for me. I have so many things hanging in my closet (probably like you), and some of those things had contributed in making me a judging and a critical person. But as with all people who wish to be more like the face of Christ Jesus, I want to be a loving person who is a servant to you. So, here is how I want to do this, if you’ll allow me. Many of you have ministries of your own. You want to get your message out for others to enjoy, think about and maybe agree with you on. That’s a fair and noble goal for any dedicated person like yourself. So let’s explore this together a little better.

Over the few short years that I have been a fulfilled kingdom person, I have come to see a wide variety of differing interpretations of the same words we have all read from Scripture. I must admit that in the past I have taken umbrage to some of what I have heard or read, and at the very least, dismayed. But no longer. Now this isn’t to say that I don’t hold tight to what I believe, because I do. But I also know that what I held tight to years before becoming a preterist, was held on to just as tight. I have prayed for wisdom and grace over my 67 plus years, and God has come through for me with just the right proportion. I also admit that at times I went ahead of God, thinking I was okay in doing so. This has now changed for me. As I approach those years of life when looking back is too dim to remember, I better understand that God is not so much about me getting the truth right as He is about how I treat truth with other people.

Enter, stage left, The Fulfilled Connection. TFC will become known by those who visit and participate, as the website open to most all beliefs within the fulfilled kingdom of God paradigm. No shunning, no banning, because in Christ Jesus, what do we know except Him?

Therefore TFC is open for your blogs, your videos, your social discussions, your church, your small group, your ministry. TFC offers a way for believers with no church affiliation to get connected.  We will offer many of the different views of fulfilled eschatology, and we will not make an attempt to sway you. But instead, encourage you to take hold of a position and grow into it or even beyond it. Our program for connecting people to churches and other ministries and services is new and roughly untested, but already is making the rounds in interest.

The Fulfilled Connection is not a ministry with a goal to indoctrinate you, but to satisfy you in Christ Jesus through the Scriptures. A goal with some selfish desire, that I too will receive a blessing from you. Something you have been doing all along.

Allyn Morton